Thursday, December 27, 2012

Every Storm Runs Out Of Rain...Too Bad Guinea Pigs Don't Run Out of Energy.

I haven't posted anything or even looked at this in a while. Most things haven't changed, only little things. For instance, I want to be a Nurse now instead of majoring in Biology, I'm taking three college classes (while being a Junior in high school; Can you say full plate?), and I'm seventeen! :D 

I have no idea what I'm actually doing most of the time. I try and let God lead me, but that can be hard sometimes considering I don't know what the big picture looks like yet. All I have is Faith in God, Hope, and Trust. Which is fine by me, because I know God knows exactly what he's doing, and if I follow him, he wont let me go or disappoint me. :)

Mom got a guinea pig, we had chickens but now they;re gone, and Buddy lives with Frankie now. Spencer (the guinea pig) is JUST like a spoiled baby. When I'm holding him I have to pet him constantly or else he turns into. Super Spencer The Climbing Spider Monkey Pig!  Which just means that he gets anxious and starts to freak out and climb all over me...or he does the jumping/leaping thing. Which involves four things:
1. The Look: Right before he's about to jump he looks straight up at my face. Probably to scout out his landing space.
2. The Actual Leap: He leaps up and clings to my shirt to try and stay on.
3. Me Freaking Out: When I don't catch the look, I'm  not anticipating him leaping up on me, so it becomes quite a shock.
and finally..
4. Taking Him Down: I have to un-cling him from my shirt (he gets those claws in pretty deep). 

After all of that he usually freaks out some more, runs around on my lap, and eventually finds a comfy spot..and then sometimes the cycle starts over. Especially when I pay more attention to something else rather than pet him.
I do have to admit though, he is quite a cutie most of the time though. :)
 Merry Christmas! ^_^
 Me and the little Stinker! :)

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