Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Past Few Weeks!

It feels like I haven't posted something in forever, and I probably haven't! So I have all kids of updates. :) First, I dyed my hair red a couple days before we came back to school from winter break. Second, I have successfully maintained my 4.0 on Report cards so far, and that makes me EXTREMELY excited! Third, I received a letter, well an invitation, to Washington Youth Summit on the Environment. George Mason University holds it, and they are partnered with The National Geographic Society and The Smithsonian National Zoo. Apparently they selected me because of my academic excellence and my sincere interest in that area of studies. They only choose 250 high school students, so I would LOVE to go! Of course nothing good comes without a problem or two...usually. In this case I have two problems. One being the amount of money ($1,885! Which doesn't include the plane tickets). Of course they have scholarships and a fundraising guide, but the scholarships are only for $500, $1000, and $1500, which doesn't cover the whole cost of the trip.On top of that I would still have to pay for lunch and snacks. Basically that's the only major issue, but a minor one is that my mom and dad have to find out if it's a scam or not. I read up some on it today and I don't think it is, but you never know. That's why Tuesday I'm going to ask my Biology and English teacher if they know anything about it. Oh, did I mention yet that I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go? Because I would. I think its a pretty cool thing.

Now it's time for bits and pieces of my last few weeks! :D My room is clean,actually clean. I got rid of a BUNCH of stuff that I don't need, use, or want anymore, so that helps a lot with the clutter. The other day I was up at night and I thought, "Hey, I want to draw a pigeon!", so I did. It turned out pretty decent.My mom's birthday was on January 10th, and my sister and I took her out for lunch today. Me learning trombone is coming along very very slowly. I know the positions for a few notes, so that's definitely improvement! :) Now, this next thing isn't something that has happened in the last few weeks, but I has happened recently. One of my rabbits, Aoife, died. Some stray dogs came into our yard and literally scared her to death. So now the only babies I have are Sampson Gregory and Buddy. And now for your enjoyment, some pictures! :D

These two are of Sampson Gregory, and the next four are of Buddy! Well actually, they tell the story of how I got him into his Santa suit. :D

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